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Cursuri extracurriculare cu profesori internationali - sem.2, 2018-2019
publicat: 2019-10-01

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Honor Book


In this page we present you some of the writings that honor the "Book of Honor" of the Romanian-American University. These texts are a great joy both for the value of the expressed ideas and for the prestige and the special recognition of their authors not only in Romania but also worldwide.


Mr. Geronimo Moscardoís Message, the Ambassador of Brazil in Romania, September 2003

I want to congratulate Rector Ion Smedescu for the construction of the great Campus of the Romanian-American University Ėthis miracle of the 21st century. In the world, such a great construction for education hasnít been achieved even by a government, that has the power to. Itís a lesson for the next generations, your enormous enthusiasm and Professor Ion Smedescuís efforts to make this historical creation possible. As a friend of his I am proud of him. Mr. Ion Smedescu has won through his professional devotion and closeness to the others. More than that, Mr. Ion Smedescu deserves lots of love and complete admiration. I thank him on behalf of Brazil for setting up the Romanian-Brazilian Study Center.

My warmest best wishes and deep appreciation, Jeronimo Moscardo, Ambassador of Brazil in Romania.

Mr. Ronald Carrierís Message, Chancellor at James Madison University, 2 October 2003

James Madison University is a friend of the Romanian-American University. On this day of October 2nd , 2003 we, the people from JMU are looking forward to the development of our relation. This university is an important force in the Romanian high education and the future leaders in business and government will be from among its students. The knowledge is essential in a free society. Congratulations to the management of the RAU and especially to Mr. Smedescu.

Ronald Carrier, Chancellor at James Madison University, 2nd October 2003



Mr. Adrian Nastaseís Message, Prime Minister of Romania, October 2003

Congratulation to the students and professors of the Romanian-American University, on the occasion of the inauguration of the university Campus. I consider that Mr. I.Smedescu has achieved a special and valuable project that will last.

Adrian Nastase

Professor Bijan Saadatmandís Message, James Madison University - USA, May 2004

Dear Mr.Smedescu You are a gift from God. You have changed Romaniaís future. We, the people from JMU are deeply moved by your love for the high education. I, personally, will always admire you.

Your Persian brother, Bijan Saadatmand, 13 May 2004



Mr. Ion Iliescuís Message, President of Romania, 2nd of June 2004

Worm appreciations and best wishes for the way you have developed the Romanian-American University. Good luck!

Ion Iliescu, 2.06.2004

Message of the group of Fulbright Ph.D. Candidates and Master attendants visiting the Romanian-American University, 5th of November 2004

Thank you for the hospitality and worm welcome in Romania. We invite you, both teaching stuff and students to visit us in San Antonio, Texas! Best wishes for a profitable and happy future.

Ph.D. Valerie Spear-Albert, "Lady of the Lake " University, San Antonio, Texas, 5th November 2004



Mr. Tadeu Valadaresís Message, Ambassador of Brazil in Bucharest, 25th November 2004

I have the huge pleasure today to pay my first visit to this splendid university. I attended the opening ceremony for the "Days of the Brazilian Culture" with joy and emotion.
I wish the Rector, and all the Professors as well as the students best of luck in their academic activities.

Enthusiastically, Tadeu Valadares

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