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Quality Management System

1. The Romanian-American University policy in quality management
2. The documents for the Quality Management System
3. Legislation:
     3.1. The decree no. 3928/21.04.2005 concerning the insurance of quality in the educational service for the high education institutions
     3.2. Appendix at The decree no. 3928/21.04.2005 concerning the insurance of quality in the educational service for the high education institutions
     3.3. The emergency decree no. 75 since 12th July 2005 concerning insurance of quality in education
     3.4. Law nr.87/10.04.2006 - for the approval of The emergency decree no. 75 since 12th July 2005
     3.5. Romanian Agency for Quality Insurance regarding Higher Education Institutions

1. The Romanian-American University policy in quality management

The Romanian-American University is strongly involved in the reform process of the high education, acting for Romania's integration in the EU, in order to create the European Area of high Education and research.
The Romanian-American University emphasizes the quality as a characteristic of its institutional identity, complying with the following principles:
   a) Vision. The Romanian-American University is oriented towards the knowledge-based society, in which the creation of competences and abilities plays an essential role.
   b) Involvement. The faculties and departments are responsible for the quality of the study, research and administrative program provided by them. The University creates the adequate institutional framework in order to allow their members to participate to the achievement of the University Strategic Program.    
c) Control. The University promotes an efficient control of the learning and research process, with the purpose of optimizing it.    
d) Relationships The University maintains the contact with high schools from Bucharest and countryside, through specific activities mentioned in the Program designed to promote the image of the University. It also, promotes partnerships with different Universities from country side and abroad, with public institutions, research institutes, and non-governmental organizations and with the business environment.

Taking into consideration The National Strategy in the High Education area, through implementation of this Quality Management System, the Romanian-American University pursues the following:
  • The development of the professional competences in the economic and judicial area, as well as a continuous improvement;

  • The compatibility of the education and research process with the international and European standards, through adaptation at the economical and social reality;

  • The promotion of the innovative spirit, free thinking, cultural and human civilization values;

  • The defense of the University democratic framework based on human rights and fundamental liberties provided by the law.

  • The University management makes sure that the policy in the quality area is in compliance with the following requirements:
  • to be adequate to the University’s scope and mission;

  • to accomplish the quality standards;

  • to insure the adequate institutional framework in order to establish the quality objectives;

  • to be communicated, understood and applied by each member of the academic community;

  • to be permanently analyzed in order to become adequate and get improved.

  • The Romanian-American University policy concerning the quality is based on a continuous improvement of all activities, by encouraging the innovative-creative spirit and by making each member of the academic community aware of its mission.

    2. The documents of the Quality Management System

    The Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) of the Romanian-American University designed and implemented starting with the university year 2005-2006, is in compliance with the Emergency Decree requirements regarding the insurance of the education quality, no. 75 / 12th July 2005 and the application of the main principles of quality management.
    The Romanian-American University management has a systemic and integrated quality management, considering the University as a complex system with the following subsystems: the faculties, chairs, departments, research centers, library, labs and administrative services.
    Each faculty/chair/department/unit has a well defined status and represents an entity in quality management frame, being characterized through functional links with others entities and systems. This approach allows the involvement of the management, at all levels, in the Q.M.S.

    The documents used to define and implement the Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) in the Romanian-American University are structured on three main levels:
    1. The Quality Book;
    2. The Q.M.S. Procedures, that is:
    2.1 General procedures;
    2.2 Operational procedures;
    3. Support documents (forms, reports, working instructions).

    The quality book (Q.B.) - describes the quality system in compliance with the established policy in the quality area, the adopted objectives and applicable standards.
    The quality system procedures (G.P and O.P.) - describe the activities of each individual functional entity needed for the implementation of all elements of the quality system.
    General Procedures (G.P.) represent the main documentation used in the quality management system implementation. These procedures, describe without additional technical details, the different objectives of the activities and the way they work, related to quality, as well as the responsibilities, the authority and relationships between all persons that coordinate, do, check or analyze those activities.
    Operational Procedures (O.P.) - specify the expected objectives and results of each entity related to quality.
    Support Documents (S.D.) - represent those detailed working documents (forms, reports, working instructions).
    The Recordings are obtained through completion of those forms included in procedures and instructions and are intended to prove that all processes are done in a controlled way.
    The QMS documents, beyond their role to offer a methodological and organizing frame for actions, processes and interfaces in each working activity, insure:
  • the compliance of the reference documentation with the measurement, analysis and improvement n processes;

  • the definition of the acceptance criteria for all stages of the processes;

  • the track of the quality records.

  • © Universitatea Romano-Americana / Romanian-American University - Toate drepturile rezervate.

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