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Alegeri Studenti 2020
publicat: 2020-01-16

Cursuri extracurriculare cu profesori internationali - sem.2, 2018-2019
publicat: 2019-10-01

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The students of the Romanian-American University are allowed to get transferred from a form of education to another into the same faculty and from a faculty to another with close or identical profile.

The transfer can be requested by those students that have graduated the whole year within the faculty where they are enrolled, as well as those who benefit from the credit system.

The transfer is approved as a result of a strongly motivated demand, accompanied by the studentís grade file, approved by the:
  • Dean, for those students requesting a transfer from daily-attendance education to day attendance, within the same faculty;
  • Rector for:

  • a) those students asking for transfer from Romanian-American University to other high education institutions and the other way round;
    b) those students asking for transfer within the University, from a faculty to another, with the same or similar profile, on the two Deansí proposal;
    c) those students asking for transfer from daily-attendance education to reduced-attendance education within the same faculty, on the Deanís proposal.

    The studentsí transfer from other high education institutions to the Romanian Ė American University is approved by the Rector, at least 10 days before the beginning of the academic year, taking into consideration the following conditions:
    - there are positions available at the faculty to which they asked for transfer;
    - the original faculty has the same or similar profile to the faculty asked for transfer;
    - to present the Transfer Request (standard form) signed by the Rector of the original institution;
    - to present the grade file that must include: The studentís name and surname (with his/her biographic data), the enrolment number, subjects of study in the educational plan, the number of hours for each subject of education (course and seminar), the evaluation process (exam, colloquium, test paper), semester average and the annual average. The grade file must be registered, signed and stamped by the original Rector, Dean and Chief Secretary.
    - the number of recovering exams, no more than 4; The transfer can be approved into to a previous year of study, if the number of those recovering exams exceeds 4, but the student fulfills all the other requests;
    - to present in a file, the following papers: the original grade file, the birth certificate (marriage) in a authorized copy, three ID photos, medical certificate. After the transfer request approval, the students must pay the registration tax and the first installment of the annual studies tax.

    The studentsí transfer from the Romanian-American University to other high education institutions is approved under the following conditions:
    a) to present the signed Transfer Request (standard form) from the institution where the transfer is requested;
    b) to present papers as a proof for one of the following situation:
    - the address change to another university centre or a close location;
    - proximity to the husband/wife;
    - well explained medical reasons;
    - change of the working place;
    - other special situations.
    c) to pay the tax for the issue of the grade file;
    d) the payment of a tax established by the Senate of the University in order to cover other expenses besides those provided in the Universityís expenses and revenues budget).

    The studentsí transfer from other high education institutions to the Romanian-American University approved by the Rector, only for the second and the third years of study, and the attending of the recovering exams.
    The University doesnít allow the transfer of the students who didnít graduate the year, who repeat the year, expelled with prolongation of study duration.
    The transfer requests are filed at the faculty secretary where the transfer is requested, at least 15 days before the beginning of the university year.
    The transfers are not allowed during the university year.
    After the transfer approval is the Rector, the Dean of the receiving faculty issues the registration decision.

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