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Actualizare! Prelungirea suspendarii cursurilor fata-in-fata, incepand cu 18.05.2020
publicat: 2020-05-17

#StămAcasă - Sfaturi privind mişcarea şi nutriţia
publicat: 2020-04-14

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  • The Diplomas and Grade Files of the University are also acknowledged in USA, Canada, Europe etc;
  • Scholarships and summer practice in USA and countries of the European Union, important prizes, diplomas for the worthy students;
  • The Japanese Center of Culture and Civilization, the Ecotourism Club of Agro-tourism and Ecologic Tourism, Fitness Center, Beauty Salon, CISCO Academy, Medical assistance in our own Campus, Chapel for the students and teaching stuff;
  • Lectures taught by professors from USA and countries of the European Union, according to the specialization of the Faculties finalized with diplomas;
  • Modern conditions of study, accommodation, eating and cultural-amusement activities in our own Campus;
  • The students benefit from a library, textbooks and other study materials, internet, low fees of transportation, etc.;
  • Study fees that can be paid in three installments, in RON at the BNR official exchange rate;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Introduction of some subjects of study from curricular areas different from the specific of the faculties: The History of Universal Culture and Civilization, Psychology, Sociology, Protocol Rules;
  • Modern conditions of accommodation in the campus, including access to internet from the rooms, television and audio devices;
  • Possibility to study different foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portughese or Japanese;
  • All the faculties comprise within the curricular activities IT and biro tics lectures to get the future graduates familiar with the computer.

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