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Alegeri Studenti 2020
publicat: 2020-01-16

Cursuri extracurriculare cu profesori internationali - sem.2, 2018-2019
publicat: 2019-10-01

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Law School - Educational Offer

Presentation Educational Offer Professional Perspectives Faculty Management Curricula

A permanent concern of is the updating of the education plan and curricula to insure a modern educational process in accordance with the requests of a competitive education process. The subjects of study taught at the Law School approach the legal issues in a permanent legislative change, so as to make justice according to the principles of a legal state.

Through the knowledge acquired in the education plan, the future graduate will be directly involved in making justice, Romania’s reform and integration in the European Community and North Atlantic structures (the presentation of the education plans for the I - IV year are next).

An important component of the education process is the scientific research done through the participation of the teaching stuff to the fundamental research programs, also financed through the scientific meetings for the students and scientific communications sessions. The students showed a special interest for these activities, for a deep understanding of the theoretical knowledge and legislation in order to achieve their professional formation.

Another important component of the education process is the specialized practice, done in judicial institutions, but also within the judicial clinics organized by the faculty.

The teaching staff that insures the preparation of the students benefit both from the presence of some famous personalities from the Romanian judicial education: PhD. Professor Ion Smedescu, PhD. Professor Gheorghe Botea, PhD. Professor Stefan Cocos, PhD. Professor Florian Coman, PhD. Professor Lucia Giosan, PhD. Professor Florea Magureanu, PhD. Professor Theodor Mrejeru, PhD. Professor Andrei Popescu, PhD. Professor Florin Sandu, PhD. Senior Lecturer Liviu Giurgiu, PhD. Senior Lecturer Valerica Lazar, PhD. Senior Lecturer Iulian Teodoroiu, PhD. Lecturer Florin Ionescu, PhD. Lecturer Mihaela Pruna, PhD. Lecturer Victor Ponta, PhD. Lecturer Claudiu Seucan, as well as the contribution of some young teaching staff who are developing their preparation through Master and PH.D: PhD. Candidate Lecturer Eusebiu Savescu, PhD. Candidate Lecturer Luminita Tuleasca, PhD. Candidate Lecturer’s assistant Diana Gorun, PhD. Candidate Lecturer’s assistant George Magureanu Poptean, PhD. Candidate Lecturer’s assistant Mihai Olariu, PhD. Candidate Lecturer’s assistant Lucia Mateescu.

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