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Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management - Educational Offer

Presentation Educational Offer Professional Perspectives Faculty Management Curricula

The subjects of study taught at this faculty target the most dynamic sector of economic IT, generally and of managerial IT especially giving to the future graduates the opportunity to participate in A direct way to the economy restructuration, the reform and European integration and North-Atlantic structure. The knowledge acquired facilitates the economic phenomena and interpretation and optimization processes, insuring the needed training to elaborate studies and forecasts concerning the real economy.

In this respect, the educational plan permanently complies with the latest working force requirements in the IT domain. Thus, there are:

  • Computers architecture and operation systems;
  • calculation algorithms and data structures;
  • Programming languages (Visual Basic, C++, Java, PHP);
  • Web programming (Internet advanced concepts);
  • Economic processes modulation and simulation;
  • Data bases and SGBD (Data base systems management);
  • IT systems design;
  • Computer networks and Internet;
  • Expert systems in management;
  • Evaluated languages for programming;
  • IT systems applied in economy;
  • Graphics and design;
  • Multimedia applications.

  • Through the Profile practice organized and based on practice or in the university’s labs it is intended to get the practical abilities in order to operate, exploit and maintain the computer tasks. In the Specialized Clinics simulated in the university frame there are many important activities which are done within the company frame, by the projection and achievement of actual practical tasks. The subject of study called IT Projects comes, through its content, as a real support in the elaboration of the license papers by the students. This way, the IT student develops his, inventiveness, creativity and team spirit.

    Internal and International Relationships: The faculty students participate at lecture and course modules sustained by prominent professors and specialists in IT domain from Romania and abroad, out of which we mention those presented by IMB companies, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel etc and by professors like Hamilton Scott, Allen Berg and Paulline Cushman from American universities as well as the International Conference on "Information Security".

    Scientific Research: Taking into consideration the preponderant applicable character of the specializations within the faculty, the laboratory logistic serves to scientific research finalizations, which are done by inter-disciplinary teams guided by teaching stuff and students. The Equipment base comprises four networks of 20 performing multimedia computers that allow the access to Internet, electronic mail, files transfer, etc.

    IT Labs insure the proposed didactics and research development at world standards, for students and professors. The IT labs vocation in the Romanian-American University area is to promote and apply new informational and communicational technologies in the economic IT domain.

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