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School of European Economic Studies - Presentation

Presentation Educational Offer Professional Perspectives Faculty Management Curricula

School of European Economic Studies

  • full-time studies, 3 years

  • web: www.rau.ro
    phone: +4-021-202.95.12 ; +4-0725.120.131
    1B Expozitiei Blvd., Bucharest, Sector 1, 3rd Floor

    The European Union received on the 1st of may 2004 ten new members, joined by Romania and Bulgaria in 2007. The problems and challenges of the enlargement process to the East have a particular nature. One of the key questions accompanying the increasing number of members of the EU is "how will an extended Europe look like and function?"

    At the same time, the European Union is now up against other challenges which are asking for a reform of the way it functions. The most important of them is the insurance of a better representation in a world that is in full process of globalization and the discovery of a means to meet the needs of the citizens in the best possible way.

    The setting up of the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration came as an answer to the needs of the Romanian society, that has to find an efficient solution to the challenges of the integration process in the EU.

    The Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration is the youngest Faculty within the Romanian-American University, starting its activity in 2000. The year 2006 will bring the third class of graduates.

    The evolution of the number of students who have signed in at the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration, on university years

    In terms of the curricula, the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration is a faculty of international economic relations, with a stress on the economic issues specific to the phenomenon of the European economic integration.

    Within this faculty, the phenomenon of the European economic integration is approached in a complex way under three forms: the profound integration of the member states, the extension of the EU, the economic integration through the development of the relations with the countries in the Mediterranean area.

    The study of the integration is achieved both through the lectures presented by the teaching stuff of the University and through the participation of some famous specialists, directly trained in the negotiation process of Romania’s integration in the EU.

    The major objectives of the faculty are as follows:
  • meeting the increased need for specialists who can combine skills and knowledge in business administration with real competences in the field of European integration;
  • a permanent compliant with the educational system (in terms of the curricula) at the standards of the European and American universities;
  • increased standards for the teaching and evaluation methods;
  • active participation of the teaching stuff and graduates to the reconstruction of the Romanian economy and everything that the European integration entails;
  • insuring high quality conditions for the professional and practical training of the students and of the specialized clinics for the second and third year;
  • the insurance of some inter-disciplinary programs for teaching and research in the domain of the complex phenomenon that is Europe concept.

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