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publicat: 2020-01-16

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Studies of the European Economic Integration - Educational Offer

Presentation Educational Offer Professional Perspectives Faculty Management Curricula

Through a well structured curriculum that manages to bring forth both practical and theoretical aspects of the deeply changing period that the Romanian economy is going through, as well as aspects determined by the political and economic unification of the European states, the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration insures a complex preparation of its students, interested in becoming skilled specialists in these domains.

The University curricula applied at the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration is done according to the standards settled by law and it is compatible with that of other similar European institutions such as the European Central University from Prague or European College from Bruges.

The possibility of the students to study 4 foreign languages (English, French, German or Spanish), along with the modern subjects of study, courses, interactive seminars make up the premises for the preparation of the future specialists.

Courses such as Economy of the European Union, EU History and Policies or Europe and the transatlantic relations are of great interest both for the students and for those directly involved in the issues of the enlarged Union European. These subjects of study are one more proof for the interest of the Romanian-American University to Romania’s integration in the structures of the EU, in everything that is entailed by globalization and international markets.

The subjects of study taught represent new fields of scientific knowledge in the domain of the European economic for:
  • European Union Economy;
  • Business environment in the EU;
  • Processes and implications of globalization;
  • EU Finances;
  • Sectorial Policies of the European Union;
  • International Investments;
  • International trading;
  • European monetary and credit policy;
  • Administration of the international crises and conflicts;
  • World Economy;
  • European Culture and civilization.

  • Along the students’ specialization in problems of the European integration and international relations, the Faculty of Studies of the European Economic Integration sets as a goal to incur its students basic economic knowledge, through subjects of study such as:

  • Marketing;
  • Business Management;
  • Calculation Applications in economy;
  • IT Basis;
  • Internal and international commercial law;
  • Accounting Basis and European and international Accounting Systems;
  • Public Finances and Company Finances;
  • Commercial Policies;
  • Economic-financial analysis;
  • Capital Markets and Stock exchange;
  • Projection, initiation and development of business.

  • The students of the II year have a summer stage of practice for 3 weeks in specialized companies such as : Ministry of the European Integration, European Institute in Romania, Institute of World Economy or other economic units.

    For the III-rd year students there are Clinics, specialized on different fields that aim to: organize company games, organize negotiations simulations, achieve complex economic projects (feasibility studies, investment projects), initiation in the understanding of the license themes (large presentation of the thematic, paper plans, fields).

    A permanent concern of the management of the Faculty for Studies of the European Economic Integration is the improvement of the education plan to insure a good educational process, with the purpose of clearly defining the profile of the future graduate of the Faculty, so as to be able to find a job quickly and prove himself as efficient as possible in his position.

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