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publicat: 2020-01-16

Cursuri extracurriculare cu profesori internationali - sem.2, 2018-2019
publicat: 2019-10-01

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Archive - 2006


Work&Travel U.S.A. Presentation

Wednesday, 18 January, 1300, Work&Travel USA 2006 program presentation will take place in the Romanian-American University room 520.

The program is organized by GTS International Romania with the Council of International Educational Exchange support.

Each year, GTS International wants to support students interested in working in America during the summer holiday and this is done through promotional offers linked to the offered price lists and full service packages.
This year, GTS has initiated an unprecedented discount campaign, in order to offer each student the possibility to travel and work in America.

The students from I - III years are invited to participate to this presentation in order to receive all the necessary information related to this program and the discounts offered.

For any information about Work&Travel, you can access the web site www.gtsturism.ro.

We are waiting for you!

Expedition in search of a job!

Contest - MASCOT !

Champions at the Romanian-American University

Olympic swimming Champion CAMELIA POTEC is a graduate of the Internal and International Economy of Tourism of RAU starting with the license session 2006.

On this happy occasion the university wishes our big champion the best both professionally and personally.

Romania’s Judge to the European Court of Human Rights at the Romanian-American University

Invited by Rector Ph. D. Ion Smedescu, Ph. D. Corneliu Birsan – Romania’s judge to the European Court of Human Rights, a great personality of the academic legal field was present today, 22 February 2006 at the Romanian-American University.

He came in the Auditorium of the Romanian-American University, before the students and teaching stuff with aspects concerning the activity and importance of the European system for the protection of human rights.
The lecture ended with debates, the interest of the attendants being focused especially on the responsibilities undertaken by the Romanian state concerning the ratification of the Convention on Guarantee/Salvgardare of the Human Rights and fundamental Freedom, as well as on the criticism for the present organization of the Romanian legal system.

Being a friend of the Romanian-American University, prof. Corneliu Birsan expressed his enthusiasm for the achievement of the university during the 15 years of existence.
Visiting the campus, he appreciated the modern education conditions that are up to the international standards.

The university is honored by his warm appreciation and put them down in the Book of Honor:
"Impressed by what you have done within such a short period of time, I wish you the best future achievements for the benefit of the young generation who need moral and scientific references."

Workshop ISOM

The Managerial IT Faculty organizes the fourth edition of the Workshop INFORMATION SYSTEMS & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, with the Academy of Economic Studies and BRIE Master program.

The manifestation takes place on the 1 March 2006, in room 215 and will be coordinated by Ph. D. Virgil Chichernea, Ph. D. Ion Ivan and Ph. D. Ion Bucur.

MARCH 2006

Active cooperation with DeSales University, U.S.A.

Within the collaboration agreement set up between Romanian-American University and DeSales University, Pennsylvania, USA professors Mohamed Latib and Galen Godby developed their activity.

There are many events in the program:

- The conference "Education Globalization" - Thursday, 9th March 2006, 12.00 o'clock, Senate Hall
- "Strategic Management" courses - Friday, 10th March 2006, 9.30, 522 Room; Monday, 13th March 2006, 9.30, 426 Room; Tuesday, 14th March 2006, 8.00, 017 room
- DeSales-"AMERICAN MASTER" presentation program at the Romanian-American University – by Ph. D. Professor Mohamed LATIB, Vice-president for International Programs at DeSales University, Monday, 13th March 2006, 19.00, Senate Hall.

M.B.A American - DeSales University

Monday, 13 March 2006, 19.00, the Romanian-American University Senate Hall.

Ph. D. professor Mohamed LATIB, Vice-president for International Relationships at DeSales University will present the educational offer for a new master program organized and structured according to the DeSales University criteria: " American - M.B.A.".

All those interested in this new and innovative program for knowledge and preparation improvement at a high level are invited to participate to this presentation.

DeSales - Romanian-American Universities new collaboration summary

In March 2006, at the invitation of Ph. D. professor Ion Smedescu, founder Rector of the Romanian-American University, the professors Mohamed Latib, vice-president of the university and Ph. D. prof. Galen Godbey, Counselor on globalization issues at DeSales University, Pennsylvania, made a visit which encouraged the Collaboration Agreement. The guests presented the message addressed by Ph. D. Ion Smedescu, the reverend Ph. D. Bernard O'Connors, president of the mentioned American university. There were talks with the Romanian-American University on the specific ways for the academic collaboration development.

On this occasion there were a series of activities:

- the conference named Education globalization presented by prof. Galen Goodbey and prof. Mohamed Latib with the attendance of some teaching stuff and students, in the Senate Hall, that engendered a huge interest and ended with open discussions;

- interactive courses: Education globalization and Strategic Management presented by invited professors with the attendance of over 90 students from the II and III year of all faculties. The interactive courses and interesting issue delighted the audience.
- The meeting with the Ist year students who participated in the IInd semester to the Micro-economy courses, led online by prof. Tahereh Hojat. The Romanian students presented their opinions on project themes at which they work in mix teams with American students from DeSales University, on unprecedented experiences gained and beneficial inter-cultural experiences.

A special attention was given to the opportunity for the development through common allocation of resources of an MBA program, hosted by our university:
- Some interested graduates’ proposal to open the American MBA at the Romanian-American University program has raised passionate discussions, practical questions and proposals;

- There were a series of visits and meetings with companies managers, businessmen and teaching stuff in order to prospect the interest in the Romanian market;
- the prof. Mohamed Latib, prof. Galen Godbey and prof. Mihaela Dinu visit at the American Embassy and the meeting with the cultural attaché, the USAID economic department representative; on this occasion: some of the collaboration results between the two universities were presented, from 2001 until now; the intentions to open the American MBA Program at the Romanian-American University; the extended collaboration possibilities in the education and research area; the promotion of some voluntary actions for the American and Romanian student groups, aiming to help children from orphanage, etc.

On 14th March, the American guests sustained in the international conference frame organized in Bucharest on "The present tendencies and challenges in managerial education globalization". The conference was organized under the auspices of the Romanian Association of Rome Club (ARCOR) and Romanian Banking Institute (IBR). In their intercessions, the American professors appreciated the educational process quality offered by the Romanian-American University, as well as the capacity the students to assimilate. Their opinion was that these features fully qualify the Romanian-American University to participate in the education globalization process, that it’s capable to insure its program competitiveness designed to train the students, preparing them for professional integration in the international plan.

At the end of the visit, Ph. D. prof. Ion Smedescu expressed his satisfaction for the special results and sent his best wishes to the president of DeSales University.


Within the 15th anniversary festivities, the Romanian-American University organized, on Saturday 18th March 2006, for its students and not only, the Job Fair during the summer holiday in USA, through "Work & Travel USA 2006" program, offered in partnership with GTS International Romania.

"Work & Travel USA" program represents a large project supported by the USA Government which is intended to encourage students to travel in the United States, during summer holiday, aiming to improve the English language knowledge and to gain working experience in American companies. The accumulated English experience and knowledge represent a major advantage in their intention to find a job in Romania, after graduation.

The goal of this event was to be near the students and to facilitate their to access at the professional values system and the American economy requirements. Also, the Romanian-American University wants to encourage students to participate to the "Work & Travel USA 2006" program and to offer them the possibility to improve their professional experience and linguistic competence.

All these efforts aim to sustain the students’ mobility and the Romanian-American cultural exchange development.

Within the fair, the students have the opportunity to sustain direct interviews with American employers or with their representatives.

The Job Fair for the United States of America took place in partnership with GTS International Romania, a travel agency which intents to encourage students, youth and professors to travel and to broaden their cultural horizons. GTS International offers the students, besides "Work & Travel USA" program, a wide range of services especially developed for this category, like plane tickets with discount for students and professors, special prices for accommodation, specialized assistance and international student id card (International Student Identity Card).

Summer School I.E.S.

The Collaboration between the Romanian-American University and Procter&Gamble

The Romanian-American University students from the third and fourth years, speakers of English are invited to attend seminars that are to take place within the P&G Business Week frame, event organized by Procter&Gamble, unfold in Bucharest, between 10-15 April 2006.

Due date for signing in: 31st March 2006.

For the selected students, P&G will pay the transport expenses, accommodation and meal during the mentioned period.

For additional information: www.pgbalkans.com

Unique experiences in SUA

My name is Ana-Maria Apostol, I am a student in the fourth year at the Internal and International Economy of Tourism within RAU.
I am writing you a few lines in order to share with you my experience during the last summer holiday, when after an interview with the Human Resources Director I was accepted for the position of Booking Agent in the Grand Hotel frame from Michigan, USA.

The hotel is located at the junction between two Big Lakes, that is Huron and Michigan and is named Mackinac Island.
I had always wished to get to the USA but the opportunity I had thanks to Summer Work&Travel USA was more than I had dreamt. Now I had the chance to work in a very interesting position, in a place of an incredible beauty and everything in the middle of a team of American professionals who incurred me some of "the American spirit". The initial cultural impact discourages you and, although you are already prepared for what you are going to meet there, you only get used to it after a month, and don’t want to go back later on.
Once the visa obtained I was looking forward to the day I would see my dream come true – to get to USA. The flight took quite a lot but I forgot all about it the moment I set foot on the Island. I felt like Alice in Wonder Land. Everything was so different. Everybody was smiling at me and greeting me as if I was somewhere in a fairy tale.
My first day of work was very easy, all I had to do was to understand what my tasks were. It has happened for two weeks, after which I started real work. I was working six days a week and on Sunday I could visit the natural beauties of the island, go shopping or simply rest. There was a lot to do on the island.
The thing that distinguishes the island in a way that compares it to a fairy tale is the fact that there is no motorized means of transport and consequently the roads can be approached walking, riding or if you can afford by taking a coach.
I have learned a lot of things with the help of my colleagues and my chiefs. The cultural experience is incredible. It helps you grow as an individual but also as a professional. Now that I am at the end and I am going to present my license paper on a theme inspired from "my American experience in tourism" – The capitalization of the Eco-tourist resources on the Mackinac-Michigan Island USA, I am sure that I want to stay in my country and work in my field to be able to contribute with the acquired knowledge in a Romanian company.
On this occasion I made a lot of friends and had the possibility to travel in the USA, but also to earn some money. So my summer was great. This is my story and if I were to start all over a gain I will do it gladly.

Try America your self! America is indeed the Country of all Possibilities!

Stud. Ana Maria Apostol
Fourth year The internal and International Tourism Economy Faculty

Open Doors Day

APRIL 2006

Messages of congratulation for the 15th anniversary of the Romanian-American University
A festive ceremony was held in the Aula Magna in April the 17th, 2006 celebrating 15 years of existence of the Romanian-American University.
Important guests participated to this event and they celebrated the anniversary together with the entire academic community in our University. After the ceremony they visited the campus and enjoyed the cocktail organized on the occasion.

During the ceremony several congratulating messages and best wishes were transmitted to the Romanian-American University, among which the following are shortly presented bellow:
Dear Ph.D. Smedescu,

I would like to congratulate you on your 15th anniversary of the Romanian-American University. We, the professors from James Madison University, are proud of the collaboration we have with your wonderful institution. We consider that the students who graduated the courses of the Romanian-American University have enriched the community of our students and brought new things in our classes.

I am still impressed by the development of the Romanian-American University. I had the honor to meet many distinguished members of the teaching community and work with your wonderful students. I cherish the memory of the semester I taught at the Romanian-American University. Thank you for the hospitality you showed me.

I send you best wishes for the success of the Romanian-American University. I know that under your management it will continue to prosper.

Yours truly,

Kay M.Knickrehm
Faculty of Political Sciences
Dear Ph.D. Smedescu,

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the Romanian-American University. You and your professors should be proud of the continuous growth and development of a wonderful academic institution.

I had the pleasure to teach the students of the Romanian-American University both at the James Madison University and in Bucharest. Good quality students come from the hands of good quality teachers. I am looking forward to teaching again at RAU and to enjoy your hospitality.

Best wishes to you and your teaching stuff, on this wonderful occasion, and against future challenges.

Respectfully yours,
Kent Zimmerman, Ph.D.
Professor of Management

Dear President Smedescu,

Please accept my congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the Romanian-American University!

I had the pleasure to teach a lecture at your University in May 2005. The professors and the entire stuff were very hospitable, kind and nice. I discovered interested and motivated students. It was a wonderful experience for me and I thank you for the invitation to join your institution.

Lately I had students of the Romanian-American University attending my IT lectures, at James Madison University in Virginia. They are bright students, they become adapted easily and they are an important presence at the course. They have the willingness to discuss the topics offer a serious perspective that cannot be offered by their American colleagues.

The Romanian-American University offer a unique academic environment to the students including different specializations and an international perspective. You have certainly worked hard to accomplish so much in only 15 years. I wish I were with you to celebrate on the 17th of April. Congratulations again on the 15th anniversary of the Romanian-American University!

Wormest greetings,

Pauline Cushman, Ph.D.
James Madison University
Dear Rector Smedescu,

On behalf of the entire academic community of DeSales University, I want to congratulate you, your colleagues at the Romanian-American University, on the 15th anniversary. You yourself as well as the Romanian-American University as a whole, have a lot of things to be proud of; the progress you have made within a few years is, indeed, remarkable and your creation complies very well with the future.

This year, we, the people from DeSles, celebrate the 40th anniversary of our institution. I came at DeSales as a young professional in 1974, when our institution was still at the beginning, so I understand the huge challenges concerning the development that RAU had to meet and surpass. I am glad that our young and dynamic universities, cooperate as partners on this global developing market of high education. RAU’s 25th anniversary will be DeSales’ 50th , and I hope that we shall look back with pleasure and satisfaction to a long list of accomplishments due to our collaboration.

Best wishes again on the 15th anniversary, to you and the entire RAU community for the important work you are doing to build not only a new Romania, but also a prosperous and peaceful global society.

God bless RAU.


Bernard F.O'Connor, OSFS

Dear President Smedescu,

I am sorry that I couldn’t be with you today, although I think that I am well represented by my associates from James Madison University.
If there is an adequate moment in your program, I hope you will share the following lines with your distinguished guests, on the 15th anniversary of the institution.

To the whole assembly - on this grand occasion celebrating 15 years to the service of the good Romanian people and of passing on the creation and knowledge through education- CONGRATULATIONS! You can be really proud of everything you have accomplished within such a short period of time.

Restless minds, free to pursue the profound meanings of the world and humanity, to flourish when they are nourish by a university. A nation that encourages the intellectual capacity of its people will always benefit from its efforts, because its people will prosper.

To the teaching staff - You have chosen one of the most honorable professions. By passing on the knowledge and dedicating yourself to the study, you enrich the lives of your students. Your role cannot be overestimated. You are the heart and spirit of the university. You are the ones to open the door to the inspired opportunities and dreams.

To the students - You are offered the greatest gift. Education is the gift that can never be taken back. Any other possessions can be lost as a result of economical difficulties, during war or at an undesired employer, but not your education, or your dedication to study. It prepares you for life, a productive and significant life. It enables you to take care of yourselves and your families and to serve the community you belong to and where you work.

To president Smedescu and the management of the university - You have brought together exceptional talents and created a modern university, just like a wonderful symphonic orchestra. It is known that for an orchestra to produce great music, it must be led by a firm but also educational hand. Such efforts require time for development, like any other important work, but the world has already begun to hear the great music coming from Bucharest.

To the friends and special guests of the university - Honor the precious jewel you have. Never give up. Support the management, plead for its teaching stuff, invest in its students. Your interest in this university and its mission will pay off in a few generations.

On behalf of James Madison University teaching stuff, personnel and students I congratulate you with all my heart on this special day in the life of the Romanian-American University.

Best wishes,

Linwood H. Rose
President of James Madison University
The congratulating message to R.A.U. from LEONARDO da VINCI scholarship owners in Great Britain

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