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9 ianuarie 2017 - Reluarea activitatii didactice
publicat: 2017-01-07

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May 2016

"Fluent in Finance" - project of Bucharest Stock Exchange in partnership with Center for Domestic and International Financial Markets

The Center for Domestic and International Financial Markets of the RAU, in partnership with Bucharest Stock Exchange, will organize within the RAU campus, two dedicated workshops from the "Fluent in Finance" series:
- Tuesday, 10.05.2016, between 13.30 - 14.50, Room 109 (in Romanian)
- Wednesday, 11.05.2016, between 13.30-14.50, Room 112 (in English)

"Fluent in Finance" is one of the most important projects of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) which aims to support efforts to increase financial education in Romania. BVB, together with its partners will hold free seminars in universities to increase awareness regarding personal finance management. By attending seminars "Fluent in Finance", will acquire skills and knowledge in the money management, wealth accumulation and the importance of investing in the stock market.

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International Conference "Japan-Romania - cross points in a global context", 4th edition

The Romanian-Japanese Studies Center "Angela Hondru" at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, together with Ritsumeikan University from Kyoto, the Faculty of History at the University of Bucharest, the Institute for World Economy of the Romanian Academy and the Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Romania organize on the 13th - 14th of May 2016 the fourth edition of the international conference "Japan-Romania - cross points in a global context".

We organize this event in order to draw the attention of both experts and the general public to several issues regarding Japan's economy, language, history and culture as well as to the Romanian-Japanese relationships.
  • Identity and globalization (cultural identity, gender identity, identity and social structure)
  • Traditional culture and globalization (folklore, festivals, traditions)
  • Language and communication (interaction in communication, polite and appropriate behavior, the language of gestures/non - verbal communication, business communication)
  • Soft - power and Japanese contemporary culture
  • Otaku culture in Europe and cosplay as form of entertainment and communication
  • European and Japanese contemporary culture (Japanese cinema, music, cultural exchanges)
  • Historical relations, diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between Romania and Japan
  • Comparative studies regarding management practices in Japan and Romania
  • Ways of improving the economic relations between Romania and Japan

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    Romanian-Japanese Studies Center Anniversary Gala

    On the 15th of May 2016 will take place the RJSC-AH Anniversary Gala, named Haru Urara Grand Festa, the celebration of the 11th year anniversary.

    This event will be held at the Aula Magna of the Romanian-American University, starting 6:00 PM.
    The show will be sustained by Japanese and Romanian artists.

    The event will include Japanese traditional music, performed by Ms. Naoko Kikuchi - koto, Mr. Mugen Yahiro - taiko, J-Rock moment performed by RJSC-AH's students and teachers, a small presentation in kabuki style and a surprise act offered by Speedcubing.

    During the event, the Center will award our best ten students of the year.
    The prizes will consist in: two weeks trip to Japan offered by JTI, scholarship at Romanian-American University, plane tickets to Japan offered by Free-Spirit, 500 euro award from Gaz Forte, a dinner for two offered by YUKI Japanese Home Dining, original design handmade clothing made by Laura Karaman and Tenshin, a mechanical puzzle and a Rubik's Cube offered by Speedcubing, Japanese literature, business books, Japanese green tea, Japanese language manuals, and other surprises offered by Humanitas Group and Takumi- Japanese gift shop, Toyota, Japanese Language Teachers' Association from Romania and Romanian-American University.

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    Conference "Technology and Innovation in Romanian Economy"

    During the last decade, Romania has been climbing the world economy digital map. Tens, maybe even hundreds of IT&C companies opened operational centers in Romania's largest cities. Innovation and new edge technology is becoming a standard for lots of domestic companies as well, within all major economy sectors (energy, gas&oil, it&c, automotive, food etc.). This fact brought a steep increase in Romanian products and services quality.

    The Romanian-American University hosts on 10th of May 2016 the conference entitled "Technology and Innovation in Romanian Economy", organized by Capital and NetworkEvents, event that aims to offer answers to the following questions:
    • How does the XXIst century Romania relates to the global digitized era?
    • What are the benefits for the Romanian economy, grought up by implementing new and modern technology?
    • What are the possible financing sources for research?
    • How can technology help developing a bussines?
    • How much prestige is brought to the national economy by the latest Romanian inventions?

    Moderator: Claudiu Serban, Editorial Director of Capital Magazine
    Special guests and speakers:
    • Marius Bostan, Minister of Communications and Information Society;
    • Victor Grigorescu, Minister of Energy;
    • Raluca Vasilescu, President of National Chamber of Counsellors in Industrial Property in Romania;
    • Nicolae Zamfir, General Director of National Institute for Research and Development for Nuclear Engineering and Physics;
    • Ionut Budisteanu, inventor and founder of VisionBot;
    • Raluca Ioana van Staden, inventor of a cancer screening device;
    • John Knapp, General Director of ExxonMobil Exploration & Production Romania;
    • Dr.Ing. Virgiliu Bancila, President of the Administration Board of Chimcomplex SA Borzesti;
    • Dragos Damian, President of the Romanian Association of Generic Drugs Producers;
    • Laurentiu Stelea, expert in European Funding;
    • Dragos Petre Patroi, managing partner at DRP TAX WIZARDS ;
    • Teodor Blidarus, Vice-president of Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry;
    • Cristian Simion, Commercial Director of Confind;
    • Virgil Dumitru, owner of Comesad;
    • Cristian Patachia, Development&Innovation Manager Orange;
    • Bogdan Lupu, Head of Digital Carrefour;
    • Cristina Cremer, Andrei Berghian, representatives of Transfond;
    • Claudiu Butacu, President of EFdeN;
    • Cristina Vlase, Research and Development Manager of Antibiotice SA;
    • Bogdan Nedelcu, Head of Medical and Strategic Projects Teamnet.

    The debates will focus on the following main topics:
    • Romania in the XXIst century and the global digitized era;
    • Romania, between potential and modest innovator status Romania (necessity of implementing an innovation culture);
    • Prestige for the national economy, brought by the great Romanian inventions;
    • European programs for research and innovation at EU level (prognosis of over 80 billion euros budget for 2014-2020);
    • Research and innovation in energy;
    • Financing existing and future clusters;
    • Implementing modern technology - economy benefits;
    • Industrial innovation, a way to improve business efficiency (key domains and technologies which worth investing in);
    • Importance of innovation and modern technologies for local entrepreneurs;
    • Food security and safety in the era of innovation;
    • Innovation as support for services improvement;
    • Smart Shopping - revolutionary experience with iBeacons;
    • E-Billing: cost reductions and optimization of business processes.

  • Conference agenda [RO]

  • AmCham Romania Competitiveness Report

    The Romanian-American University organizes on Thursday, 12th of May 2016, starting from 16.00, inside the Senate Hall, the public presentation of the
    AmCham Romania Competitiveness Report.

    The presentation will be held in Romanian, by the authors of the report: Ileana Gutu, Florin Diaconescu, Sanziana Pardhan.

    "What can we do? - Coaching and Counselling in Education!"

    • Do you worry about the future and want to capitalize the potential of past learning?

    • We are waiting for you for Couching and Counselling in Education - an event where you will find the answer to your questions si and you will find solutions for the challenges of the present.

    Our questions are:
    1. How can couching and counselling help the educational process?
    2. What is the added value brought to the personal and professional development?
    3. How does the elements of this integrated model interfere?

    Come with your own questions and we will find constructive answers together!
    You will have the opportunity to meet professionals and find out what proven specialists of these areas think - Coaching, Counselling, Education.

    We provide for you the opportunity to experience the power of coaching with professionals, during the event break.

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    Professors from TOP 5 Law Schools in the US - courses on law and mediation

    The Center for Human Rights and Migration of the Romanian-American University organizes 2 intensive courses, held by prestigious professors from United States of America's top universities:
    • Course: Lawyering Skills - The Way to Effective Performance as a Counsellor and Advocate

      Professor: Philip M. Genty, JD - prestigious member of the faculty of Columbia Law School, ranked as number 4th in the US Best Law Schools Ranking for 2016.
      Professor Philip M. Genty is the Everett B. Birch Innovative Teaching Clinical Professor in Professional Responsibility at Columbia Law School and received numerous prestigious oveer the years, such as: Law School's Willis L.M.Reese Prize for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 or Columbia University's Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2014.

      Schedule:23 - 27 mai 2016
      Timetable: luni-miercuri, 16:30 - 18:00
      joi-vineri, 9:00 - 10:30
      Room:MBA Lab

    • Course: Alternative Dispute Resolution: the Role of Mediation

      Professor: Leslie Salzman, JD - prestigious member of the faculty of Cardozo Laws School, ranked as a top 100 school in the US Best Law School Ranking for 2014.
      Leslie Salzman is the Director of Clinical Education & Director of the Bet Tzedek Legal Servicies Clinic.

      Schedule:23 - 27 mai 2016
      Timetable: luni-miercuri, 15:00 - 16:30
      joi-vineri, 10:30 - 12:00
      Room:MBA Lab
    For further information please access our dedicated website:

    Courses are completely free of charge for any BA or MA student in Romania, regardless of the university they belong to.
    Any person which is not a BA or MA student can attend the courses completely free, based on a general-agreement form signed at the beginning of the activity.
    The courses are finalized with individual graduation certificates.

    Pre-application is done through e-mail:

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    "I want to be Entrepreneur!" workshop

    The Center for Negociation and Mediation of the Romanian-American University, together with Romanian Business Leaders organizes on Wednesday, 18th of May 2016, starting with 12.15 pm, inside the Senate Hall, the event entitled I want to be Entrepreneur!.

    The special guests of the event are: Mr. Felix Patrascanu, co-founder Fan Curier, Eugen Voicu, President of Certinvest and Dan Lazar, co-founder of Tennis Hero, graduate of the RAU's International Business Program.

    Activity is free of charge and open to any BA or MA student, or member of faculty. Representatives of the business environment, from any field, are welcome to join.

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    Debate "Attorney and Judicial Ethics in the U.S. and Romania: Framework and Reflections"

    The Center for Human Rights and Migration of the Romanian-American University together with the Ministry of Justice, with the support of the media partner Juridice.ro, organizes the debate "Attorney and Judicial Ethics in the U.S. and Romania: Framework and Reflections".
    The event takes place on Friday, May 27, starting at 18:00, inside the Romanian-American University Senate Hall.

    The special guests of the debate are prestigious professionals from the United States of America:

    The debate will put together different actors of the respective field: magistrates, lawyers, mediators, professors, students and representatives of the diplomatic environment in Romania.
    Discussions are to be held in English, participants being encouraged to actively take part in the debate.
    For registration please send an email to:

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    Profiling new market segments - presentation

    On Thursday, May 19th at 12:00PM, room 523, Dr. Norbert Haydam from Cape Peninsula University of Technology from Cape Town, South Africa, will deliver a speech on profiling new market segments with a focus on South Africa.
    International Conference "Crossing Boundaries in Culture and Communication" - 5th edition

    The members of the Foreign Languages Department are honored to invite you to attend the opening session of the fifth edition of the international conference "Crossing Boundaries in Culture and Communication".

    The opening ceremony will take place in the Senate Room, between 9.30 - 11.30 AM.


    The ATC RAU Center of The Romanian-American University, the Research Lab "New Trends & Smart Technologies in Business Administration" and Regional Air Suport have the pleasure of inviting you to the seminar AB-INITIO TRAINING FOR FUTURE PILOTS, in order to discover the universe of aviation also from the perspective of flight crews!

    Students and academic staff are welcome to participate.
    We will be waiting for you on Tuesday, 24th of May at 12.00, at Room 327!

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    Your Money Expo 2016

    Banii Tai Expo 2016 (Your Money Expo 2016) is the second edition of the financial exhibition organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, together with brokerage houses, investment funds, pension funds and life insurance companies.
    The heart of Bucharest will become for 2 days the central focus point for those interested to find out everything about saving and investing, money management, capital market and a broad spectrum of financial services available to those that wish to invest in their future.

    Come to Piata Universitatii on May 27 and 28 to talk about your money!
    Be Fluent in Finance!

    For the complete agenda of the activities please check the official website:

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    On the 24th of May 2016, Romanian-American University students participated to the "AB-INITIO TRAINING FOR FUTURE PILOTS", a seminary organized by Regional Air Services and led by Prof. Sorin Rosca.

    The main covered topics were the civil aviation regulations and the most relevant international organizations governing this industry (IATA, ICAO, FAA, CAA), the main events which defined the history of aviation, as well as the different types of existing pilot licenses and their characteristics.

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    Moot Court Competition on Commercial Law

    On 23rd of April 2016 took place the first stage of the Moot Court Competition on Commercial Law, organized by our colleagues from the School of Law, under the coordination of Associate Professor Luminita Tuleasca, PhD.

    After this stage, two teams comprising 3rd year students have qualified for the final stage of the competition:
    • Chirita Oana;
    • Chindris Maria;
    • Arba Diana;
    • Tomacinschi Elena;
    • Pasculescu Naila;
    • Iunker Ana;
    • Olteanu Alin;
    • Rosca Veniamin.

    On 2nd of July, 2016 we invite you to support the finalists of the inter-university stage, starting with 10:00, at the Bucharest Tribunal, where they will compete with students from Nicolae Titulescu University and Valahia University.

    We wish them succes and "may the best one win"!

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