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Cursuri extracurriculare cu profesori internationali - sem.2, 2018-2019
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Research Department - ACTIVITY

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Within the RAU the scientific research is considered as a must collateral of the educational process, being a vital factor for the development of both academical and global society fields. At the initiative of the RAU Founding- President, professor Ion Smedescu, the RAU Senate has adopted in 2005 the "LONG TERM PROGRAM REGARDING THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH", regarding the following components:

  • Financed Programs and Projects;
  • Case Studies and Research Guidelines;
  • Published Titles;
  • Scientific Events and Conferences;

  • The research activity within the RAU is structured according to the national and European guidelines and emphasizes the combination of theoretical, interdisciplinary and practical research.

    Since 2003, this approach has linked the university with some of the most important national and international research programs: "Programul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare si Inovare" (PNCDI) / "National Program for Research- Development and Innovation", "Cercetare de Excelenta” (CEEX) / "Excellency Research", GRANT-uri C.N.C.S.I.S. / CNCSIS GRANTS, GRANT-uri si Proiectele prioritare ale Academiei Române / Romanian Academy GRANTS and Priority Projects, "Programul Cadru VI - UE" / "FRAMEWORK VI - EU ", "Programul PHARE" / "PHARE Program", "Programul e-Content" / "e- Content Program", "Programul CEPUS" / "CEPUS Program" and "Programul GRUNDTVIG" / "GRUNDTVIG Program".

    The On-Request Research, based on pragmatism, represents a main direction for the participation of the teaching staff to the partnership financed projects.

    The scientific research involves both staff and students of the RAU, the directions covering diverse topics from the economics, law and IT fields.

    A strong accent is put on the partnerships with other higher education institutions from both the US and Europe, with research institutes, with professional associations and prestigious consulting firms.

    Inside the RAU academic environment there were established the Research Department and the Economics Studies Center in order to ensure the proper tools for proceeding with the research activities. All activities are supervised by the Research Department and are based on the Research Department Regulations for Organization and Functioning - (RO) .

    The entire research activity of the RAU has as a general guideline the Research Regulations Manual, approved by the RAU Senate.

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