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9 ianuarie 2017 - Reluarea activitatii didactice
publicat: 2017-01-07

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November 2016

RAUSportCenter Mini-football Championship

The first edition of the RAUSportCenter Mini-football Championship was a real success. We had 8 teams, 8 passionate teams aiming to win each game, a target that was seeable on each of players faces.

From Group 1, we had United Berceni and FC Callatis advancing to the semi-finals. From Group 2 the advancing teams were Atletico Baneasa and FC Tiki Taka.
The first semi-final was played between United Berceni and Tiki Taka, with Berceni winning easily. The second game was much more disputed, between FC Callatis and Atletico Baneasa - with Callatis winning 2-0.
The 3rd place was won by Atletico Baneasa after playing with Tiki Taka.

The final was a spectacular game. FC Callatis led by 2 goals, but Berceni confirmed that 2-0 is the most dangerous result and managed to turn the game during the second half, scoring the equalizer just at the end of the game.
At penalties, the United Berceni goalkeeper managed 2 saves, sending the Cup to Berceni.

Besides the winning team, the following prizes were awarded by the Romanian world famous form player, Ilie Dumitrescu:
Best Goalscorer: 9 Goluri - Dani (United Berceni)
Best Goalkeeper: Vlad Costin (United Berceni)
Fair-Play Cup: FC Tiki Taka

Congratulations to the winners, congratulations to all the teams and we are waiting for you at the next edition - one that we hope to bring even more teams.
Last but not least, congratulations to the organizers that were directly involved in this project and made it happen, the RAU students from the School of Management-Marketing, Mr. George Chiturlas and Mr. Florin Nita.

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National Insolvency Conference - The Incidence of Criminal Law in Insolvency

We are a young, competitive and fluctuating society.

Since college we are divided into three categories, defined and segregated - civil/commercial specialists and, in opposition, penal law specialists. The gap between the categories does not disappear with time, on the contrary, we fight even harder, each on his side, without raising our eyes.
Protected by the public interest idea, the penal law specialists sometimes forget about the real consequences of applying the penal institutions within the insolvency procedure. For us, the specialists in this field, remain the questions and decisional blocks:
  • Are preventive measures compatible with a procedure which has a stated goal of recovering the passive?
  • What happens in an insolvency procedure where the interdiction of dissolution or liquidation was applied? We remain within an indefinite observation period or within a long failed reorganization?
  • How do we suspend a dissolution or liquidation of the legal entity procedure? Who is the representative for the insolvency and in the relations with third parties? Who is authorizing payments?
  • How does the administrator/judicial liquidator work inside a suspended procedure, without collective creditors' bodies and without a bankruptcy judge?
  • How does a bankruptcy judge exercise its powers? What do we do? We suspend the powers of the magistrate judge?
  • What do we do in case of a criminal seizure in order to confiscate the entire assets of the debtor?
  • Can a criminal sequestration that protects something uncertain block something certain (execute as debt)?
Deactivating the insolvency procedure, which is mainly a live economic phenomenon, and waiting for the resolution of the criminal trial, can we repair the consequences later?

In order to answer all these questions, which invariably come to all of us, regardless of the side we take, we invite you to join us and find solutions for solving the difficult situations generated by the controversies of applying the law, together with prestigious specialists in insolvency, during November 3 and 4 of 2016, at the Romanian-American University (Bucharest, 1B Expozitiei Blvd., sector 1).
The event is organize by the National Institute for Training Insolvency Practitioners (I.N.P.P.I.), in partnership with the National Institute of Magistracy and the Romanian-American University.

Further details here: INPPI - National Insolvency Conference. Bucharest, November 3-4, 2016 [RO]

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Graduate Recruitment Event

The Romanian-American University is glad to invite you to our Graduate Recruitment Event which will be held on November 3, 2016, at 2 p.m., in Lecture Hall 426.

We are honored to have as guests the representatives of Hilton Hotels and Resorts: Bjorn Olthof, Manager Graduate Recruitment for Europe, Middle East & Africa, Talent Acquisition; Aykut Korkmaz, General Manager Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest and Mihaela Petrache, Human Resources Director, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest.

Our agenda comprises a brief presentation made by Mr. Olthof centered on the topics below, followed by a session of Q&A with the students:
  • We are Hilton, we are hospitality brief general introduction
  • A world of opportunities: innovation, culture, our promise to our team members
  • Hotel and Corporate Internships
  • Graduate Development Programmes
  • Great rewards
  • Global Month of Service
We are looking forward to throwing a glance at new trends and opportunities on the employment market and to the exchange of ideas.

Patricia Dodu, Lecturer
E-mail: dodu.silvia.patricia@profesor.rau.ro
Phone number: 0722547662

Alexandra Marginean, Lecturer
E-mail: marginean.alexandra.roxana@profesor.rau.ro
Workshops for Personal Development through Theater

The Romanian-American University's RAU Theater Studio organizes Workshops for Personal Development through Theater.

Participants will have the chance to seek new perspectives in terms of communication, self-control, team-work and self-confidence.
Enroll until November 20, 2016 through this online application form:

For more details or information, please contact us via email:

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Prom 2016

The Romanian-American University Student Club (CS-URA) invites you to join us for the Prom 2016! The event will take place on November 22, 2016, starting at 21:00, in Kristal Glam Club.

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Conference "Marketing in Eastern and Central Europe"

The School of Management-Marketing of the Romanian-American University has the pleasure to invite you to attend the conference entitled "Marketing in Eastern and Central Europe". The conference is held by the prestigious professor Laszlo Jozsa from the Szechenyi Istvan University, Gyor, Hungary, on November 8 of 2016, during 15:30 - 16:30, in Lecture Hall 328, 3rd floor, B Building.
ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER - event in partnership with ACCA

The School of Domestic and International Business, Banking and Finance of the Romanian-American University has the pleasure to invite you to attend, on November 10 of 2016, the event entitled ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER. On this occasion we will present the Accelerated Scholarships System, through which students can benefit from different facilities on their path to the ACCA certification.

The event takes place from 18:00, in the Senate Hall, with the participation and under the auspices of ACCA Global and ACCA Romania.
Digital Workshop

Google specialists come to the Romanian-American University to talk about techniques and tools for online promoting.
Attend, free of charge, the "Digital Workshop" - Thursday, November 24 of 2016, starting with 15:00, in Lecture Hall 017 (ground floor, B building).

The activity comprises a series of free courses delivered by certified Google trainers, which aim to young people, regardless of school, profile or occupation. This class is an introduction to the field, covers approximately 3-4 hours on the following topics:
  • Objectives and strategy of an online business;
  • How to create and promote a website;
  • SEO and SEM;
  • Web Analytics;
  • Affiliation Programs;
  • Social Media;
  • Web Marketing.


After the offline course, the participants can continue, free of charge, and after following 23 learning modules they can opt to go to the exam for the certification, which is approved by Google and IAB Europa and is recognized by all EU employers.

Limited number of places.
Applications >> www.atelieruldigital.com

The event is organized by Fundatia Leaders, with the support of Google Romania and in partnership with the Romanian-American University.
Opening of the extracurricular intensive language courses

The Departament of Foreign Languages of the Romanian-American University announces the official opening of the extracurricular language intensive courses::
  • English - Thursday, November 10, 2016, ora 4.30 pm, Room 419
  • German - Thursday, November 10, 2016, ora 4.30 pm, Room 326

MLIBCW Conference

We have the pleasure to invite you on the 10th and the 11th of November, to a new edition of the annual International Conference MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION TOWARDS A BETTER CHANGING WORLD, organized in partnership with BBA INSEEC - Ecole de Commerce Europeenne (FRANCE), FONTYS University of Applied Sciences (NETHERLANDS) and VARNA University of Management (BULGARIA).

The event will gather both international professionals from academia and business representatives. During these two days of conference, discussions will take place, debates will be launched, challenges will be raised for all those interested in various fields, such as aviation, tourism, innovation, new technologies, interculturality or internationalization of higher education.

The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday, the 10th of November, at 10:30 am, in the Senate Hall.
You can find more more details at:
Project Entrepreneurial University

The Romanian-American University participates at the Project Entrepreneurial University 2016-2018, organized by Junior Achievement Romania.

We invite you to fill up an online survey by clicking the link group dedicated for university, until November 20th:

If you get involved, you will contribute to an independent self-assessment of the university, in order to identify the needs for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within the institution.
The Project Entrepreneurial University aims to support higher education institutions in developing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial approaches at management level and in relation to the business community, as well as entrepreneurship education and dynamic training for students integration on the labor market.

During the first stage, the project aim is the internal use of the HEInnovate tool, by the faculty /university stakeholders (staff, teachers, students, partner companies, student associations), tool developed by the European Commission and OECD. HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool designed to provide higher education institutions with advice, ideas and inspiration for effective management of institutional and cultural change. Over 450 higher education institutions in Europe have already used HEInnovate.
Afterwards, during the second stage, the results of self-assessment will be locally exploited by the staff and faculty management to develop their own tools, some entrepreneurial courses specific for the faculty and community profile.

Thank you for your cooperation and please take the survey, by following these guidelines until November 20th, 2016.

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Conference MLIBCW-2016

On the 10th and the 11th of November 2016, the Romanian-American University organized a new edition of the international conference "MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION TOWARDS A BETTER CHANGING WORLD", in partnership with BBA INSEEC - Ecole de Commerce Europeenne (France), Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and VARNA University of Management (Bulgaria).

The event gathered both international professionals from academia and specialists from the business environment. During the two days of conference, discussions took place, debates were launched, challenges were raised for all those interested in various fields, such as aviation, tourism, innovation, new technologies, interculturality, marketing strategies in the 21st century or internationalization of higher education.

The first day of the conference (10 November) was dedicated to scientific research, the keynote speakers and the guests presenting the results of their studies and debating on it. Stanislav Ivanov (Varna University of Management), Ruxandra BRUTARU (Aviation East), Darla Deardorff (AIEA/Duke University USA) and Radu Grigoroiu (Regional Air Suport) were the key note speakers of the event. Their presentations launched debates on the future trends regarding the new generation of aircrafts, as well as on the importance of the destination management systems, particularly DMC (Destination Management Companies). The technological development was once again a main subject of this edition of the international conference, as evidenced by the use of intelligent robotics and automation in more and more fields.
The novelty of this edition of the conference was the opening of a new section on the internationalization of higher education. The Skype intervention of the keynote speaker Darla Deardorff emphasized the necessity of internationalization and suggested guidelines for implementing internationalization strategies and preparing intercultural interactions.
During the second day of the conference (11th of November), students had the opportunity to participate to the workshop "Bridging the Gap Between Education and Business in Aviation", held by Elena Ene (Safety & Quality Manager, Romanian Airport Services. They learned more about the work challenges and opportunities in the airline industry and about the way a graduate should prepare to enter the job market.
The event gathered around 100 participants from the academic field, the business environment, as well as students and graduates.

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EA Romania Team comes to join RAU students

We are waiting for you on Wednesday, November 23, 11:30, in the Aula Magna for a meeting with the winning team of Electronic Arts Romania!

Our EA partners will present the opportunities available for RAU students to work with them and later will discuss and answer the participants questions.

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Anniversary - 20 years for the first RAU graduates!

Are you a part of the first generation of RAU graduates, from 1996?
We are waiting for you on November 23, 18:00, in the Aula Magna, to celebrate the anniversary of 20 years since graduation.

Do not forget to confirm your participation at:
and send us a phone number, in case we have to communicate with you on the latest updates regarding this event.

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Christmas Party - 2016

The traditional Christmas Party, dedicated to the children of the Romanian-American University's faculty and staff, will take place on December 12, starting with 11:00 am, in the lobby at the ground floor of the B building.

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December 2, 2016 - day off

The Romanian-American University announces its community member (students, faculty, staff) that December 2 of 2016 is a day off, according to the Romanian government decision.

Please check the TIMETABLE (bachelor / master) sections for the rescheduled activities.
Conference "Marketing vs. Revenue Management"

The School of Management-Marketing and the School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism of the Romanian-American University have the pleasure to invite you to attend the conference entitled "Marketing vs. Revenue Management". The event takes place on November 28, starting at 17:00, in the Senate Hall.

This cooperative endeavor of the two schools aims to interact with the business environment on present topics and good practices from the areas of "marketing" and "revenue management" in the services field. The working language of the conference is Romanian.
Junior Prom 2016 - UPDATE!

The RAU Student Club (CS-URA) invites you to the Junior Prom 2016!

After some organizational changes, the prom will be held on December 6, 2016, starting at 20:00, in Club Player.

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Shared project ATC RAU - Regional Air Suport

Between the 17th and the 23rd of November 2016, a new project started between the IATA Center of the Romanian-American University, ATC RAU and our partner Regional Air Suport.
RAU students were involved in promoting the new product of Air Moldova, a new route Bucuresti - Chisinau, which will be launched starting on the 19th of December 2016.

The students were trained by Mr. Dorin Ivascu (Regional Air Suport) and by Mr. Sergiu Manea (Air Moldova), in order to be more familiar with the products and the services offered by the airline. During the project, each student had the mission to promote Air Moldova both at the Romanian Tourism Fair which took place at Romexpo, and on social media.
During the final meeting, the students presented the marketing strategy that they used, and the academic staff from RAU and representatives of the company analyzed the results and rewarded the best ideas, creativity and passion of those involved in this project.

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