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Student Life - "ATLANTIS" Folk Group

Starting with 2008, the RAU has launched yet another valuable project, through the inspiration and hard-work of an enthusiastic student group coordonated with pleasure by the English Language and Literature professor Ioan Iacob: Folk Froup "ATLANTIS".

You can see below some of their songs:

    De Dragobete - first song
    The Steam of My Dream

Part of the concert at Sutu Palace, Bucharest, April 17th 2008

"Atlantis" is like a dream but it connects Europe and American. Probably no folk group had so much at stake before. Event if "the past is nicely shelved": "LIRIC GROUP" (1975, student years in Iasi), "SOLARIS" vocal group, in some younger years' Fagaras (debut in "FLACARE" and 1st place in Romania in 1975), "Cetatile lui Mihai" folk festivals of Fagaras and "Imn vetrei strabune" festival of Barlad and up to the poetry tournement (and music, where I had benn invited with my guitar) in UK and Ireland (1994).
"Atlantis" has the chance to overtake all our dreams because is developed from the beginning as to have an echo - through its songs - over the Atlantic.
"Atlantis" promotes the image and the potential of the RAU, the talent of the generations for whom the Bob Dylan verse remains visionary:
     - How many roads must a man walk down
     Before you call him a man?

Ioan Iacob, Foreign Language Department,
Founder of the "Atlantis" folk group

For me, to be in this group, means the joy of discovering that my voice sounds good enough on a suitable tune. A kind of discovering my voice's limits. Besides this new self knowledge, a tune sung only by a guitar and a voice is something unique... a singer with his guitar is a tray full of emotions.

Dan Smedescu, student
Founding member and MARKETING MANAGER of "Atlantis"

I am very enthusiastic about the RAU folk group. Music is my passion and thanks to this group I can do what I like. I want to fulfill my dream of being in the music world and I feel that this will be possible due to this group.

Alexandra Stroe, student - voice, guitar, piano
IMAGE MANAGER of "Atlantis"

I know how it is when a door opens and you are told RUN!... you are freeee to do what you like... and when you look out and see the infinite in front of you... you feel that huge powers are growing inside you and you say that this is your world and you do what you want because you can... and you start to believe like a child... and play with the chalk on the sidewalk and sing with images... about a new world...
... freedom... dreams... power... hope... color... music... smiles...
... that is what I think of "Atlantis".
... so press play (maybe repeat)... listen to us cause' we are knockin'on world doors..here we come!!

Andreea Ilie, student - voice, guitar
PR MANAGER of "Atlantis"

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