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Actualizare! Prelungirea suspendarii cursurilor fata-in-fata, incepand cu 18.05.2020
publicat: 2020-05-17

#StămAcasă - Sfaturi privind mişcarea şi nutriţia
publicat: 2020-04-14

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OFFICE365 - @profesor.rau.ro

Use your own institutional email address "@profesor.rau.ro"

[email protected]

You now have your own institutional email address to a better and safer communication with students and faculty, to create a blog, to store data in the cloud, to use the online Office365... and many more exciting things!

Announcement regarding events organized by or in cooperation with RAU, important news about your academic activity and requirements, ads regarding social institutional events, news about exams, invites etc - all the information is available only through your institutional "@profesor.rau.ro" email address.

The default password of your account is your CNP number - at the first login you are required to choose a new password.

Safer and faster communication with your students only through your "@profesor.rau.ro" email address - the email server is directly linked to the "@student.rau.ro" server and as a consequence there are no confusions, lost messages, false spam, late deliveries etc.

Only through your "@profesor.rau.ro" email address you have access to:

  • "@profesor.rau.ro" directory
  • FAQ and support
  • Web address for online use of your email address: mail.profesor.rau.ro


    In case you lost your password for the "@professor.rau.ro" email account please come to the IT&C Department (B Building, 1st floor, Office 119) with a valid ID/teacher ID, between 8:30 - 16:30. In case of emergency contact us by email at [email protected] by sending the following mandatory information: a scan of a valid ID/teacher ID and the exact institutional email address that you cannot access (check the email address first, inside the above mentioned directory).

    DO NOT write anything else inside the message (an automated signature, if setup for your account, is acceptable). The only text in the message must be your @profesor.rau.ro email address, for which you forgot the password. It is mandatory also to attach a clear picture of your valid ID document/student card.
    Your request will be processed by an automated function, so any disregard of the above requirements might impede on the result of your request's process.

    If you sent exactly the required information you will receive in maximum 48 working hours a message, delivered to the email address that you used to contact us, with a new random and temporary password (available for 5 days). When connecting with this random generated password you will be required to change it with a personal one. During the 48 hours, please check also the SPAM/JUNK folders of the email account you used to contact us.

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