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Academic Records Office

Public hours:
During August the office is closed.
During April 17-21, 2017, the office is closed.

- Monday: 15:00 - 18:30
- Tuesday, Wednesday: 8:30 - 12:00
- Thursday: 15:00 - 18:30
- Friday: 8:30 - 12:00

Info about:
  • Documents required for issuing diplomas
  • What types of educational documents can be issued
  • Information about Diploma Supplement
  • Issuing of study documents
  • Issuing of duplicate study documents
  • Recommendations
  • Fees

  • The Academic Records Office only releases BA/MA diplomas (accompanied by diploma supplement) obtained by Romanian-American University graduates.
    Romanian-American University students which did not yet graduate are kindly asked to address the school's secretariats for any other documents.

    The situation below refers to the study programs taught in English. For the situation of diplomas referring to the study programs taught in Romanian please check the dedicated page.
    = diplomas are available
    = diplomas are not yet available

    Study Program (organizing school) 2014 - 2015
    CSE (CSBM)
    IB (DIBBF)

    Study program (organizing school) 2015
    Finance (DIBBF)

  • Documents required for issuing diplomas

  • - ID Card (valid, original) for Romanian citizens and valid passport for foreign citizens (valid, original); marriage certificate or other document attesting a name change, if this happened after the graduation moment.
    - In case the graduate cannot pick up the documents, these can be issued to an empowered, based on a proxy for this purpose, authenticated by a public notary
    - Receipt (where necessary, from the cashier desk, ground floor) representing the value of archiving academic record documents for diplomas not released after more than 2 years from the finalizing exam (see Fees section)

  • What types of educational documents can be issued here?

  • Academic records are official documents issued by the government, which confer to the holders an entire set of rights and obligations, coming from the Education Law no. 1/2011, with all subsequent modifications of the Government Resolution no. 44/03.02.2016, regarding the organization and functioning of the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 99/09.02.2016, with all subsequent modifications, to the Order of the minister of national education no. 657/2014, for the approval of the Regulations regarding study documents regime in higher education system, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 874/ 02.12.2014.
    The Academic records issued by the Romanian-American University are:
    - BA Diploma and Transcript or Diploma supplement (annex to the diploma)
    - MAS Diploma and Transcript or Diploma supplement (annex to the diploma)
    - Transcript / Diploma Supplement - Annex to diploma

  • Information about Diploma Supplement

  • According to the OMEC no. 4868 of 07.08.2006, regarding the Diploma Supplement, graduates that finished their studies starting with July 2006 receive the Diploma Supplement for free, as a mandatory annex to the BA Diploma.
    The newly introduced document is designed according to the European standards, being published both in Romanian and English, with rich information content. Among others, the document refers to: study domain, specialization, title awarded, status of the institution, study language, level of study, requirements of the study program, description of the study program, grading system and graduate ranking within his year, access to further studies, after graduation. The last page contains information about the national education system, a diagram of Romanian educational system and a description of the higher education system.

  • Issuing of study documents

  • Academic records are issued to the holder in person, in original, only once.
    If the owner of the records cannot come himself to pick up the documents, he can send an empowered, based on a proxy for this purpose, authenticated by a public notary from Romania or by the Romanian Consular Service in the country where the owner is located. In case that, after graduation, a name change occurs, the owner must also specify the name used during the study period. A copy of the owner's ID card must be annexed, and the empowered must present the ID specified by the proxy.

  • Issuing of duplicate study documents

  • In case of loss or partial or total destruction of academic records, or in case of a plastic coating of a document, duplicates can be issued, based on the following documents:
    - Application for duplicate, addressed to the RAU Rector
    - Affidavit, authenticated by a public notary, on the circumstances of the loss or partial/ total destruction of the original documents
    - Birth certificate, legalized copy
    - Two recent photos, 3 x 4 cm, color, printed on photo paper. The owner should wear light color clothes and have a decent posture (photos are required only for diploma duplicates)
    - The Romanian Official Gazette, 3rd Part, original, with the publication of the announcement regarding the loss of academic records, or the academic record itself in case of deterioration only
    In case of loss, the announcement addressed to the Romanian Official Gazette must state: record type, full family and first name of the owner, as stated on the original document, year of issuance, series and number of the document, number and date of registration from the Academic Records Office log, name of the university, proof of payment of stamp duty for duplicate issuance. In case the owner does not possess a copy of the lost/destroyed document, the Academic Records Office can provide the information required by the Romanian Official Gazette, either directly or via email. The owner can receive the duplicate in one month after the application approval. The document is released for the owner or empowered, under the conditions stated above
    - Receipt for the duplicate fee paid at RAU cashier desk - (see Fees section).

    The duplicate of a study document is usually issued only once.

  • Recommendations

  • Keep the academic records in good conditions and avoid submitting them to different application cases. Do not use plastic coating for the documents, because authentication can become difficult.

  • Fees

  • All fees for academic records are to be paid at the RAU cashier desk, the equivalent in RON, at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania, from the payment day.
    The present fees are:
    - Release of Diploma and Diploma Supplement - FREE OF CHARGE (2 years from the finalizing exam)
    - Archiving of academic record (for diplomas not released after more than 2 years from the finalizing exam) - 40 euro
    - BA/MA Diploma issued under emergency situations - 60 euro
    - BA/MA Diploma, duplicate - 50 euro
    - Transcript/Diploma Supplement, duplicate - 50 euro
    All RAU fees are available in the Fees section of our website.


    Romanian-American University
    Academic Records Office
    1B Bd. Expozitiei Blvd., Bucharest, sector 1, code 012101
    Ground Floor - Library entrance
    Phone: +4-0372-120.195
    div style="padding: 5px; text-align:justify"> Program de lucru cu publicul:
    In luna august nu se lucreaza cu publicul.
    In perioada 20-24 februarie 2017 nu se lucreaza cu publicul

    - Luni: 15:00 - 18:30
    - Marti, Miercuri: 8:30 - 12:00
    - Joi: 15:00 - 18:30
    - Vineri: 8:30 - 12:00

    Informatii despre:
  • Documente necesare pentru eliberarea diplomelor
  • Ce tipuri de acte de studii se pot ridica
  • Informatii despre Suplimentul la Diploma
  • Eliberarea actelor de studii
  • Intocmirea si eliberarea duplicatelor actelor de studii
  • Recomandari
  • Taxe

  • Biroul Acte de Studii se ocupa numai cu eliberarea diplomelor de licenta/master (insotite obligatoriu de foaie matricola sau supliment la diploma) obtinute de absolventii Universitatii Romano-Americane.
    Studentii Universitatii Romano-Americane care nu au absolvit inca sunt rugati sa se adreseze secretariatelor de facultati pentru solicitarea de diverse documente.

    Situatia se refera la programele de studii desfasurate in limba romana. Pentru situatia diplomelor aferente programelor de studii desfasurate in limba engleza va rugam sa verificati pagina dedicata.
    = diplomele sunt disponibile
    = diplomele nu sunt inca disponibile

    Facultate/Program studii 2008 2009 - 2014 2015
    DR (*)  

    Specializare (organizator) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
    Administrarea Afacerilor in Turism (ETII)
    Afaceri Internationale (RCFBII)
    Dreptul Afacerilor (DR *)
    Economie si Afaceri in Industria Ospitalitatii (ETII)  
    Finantarea si Controlul Afacerilor (RCFBII)        
    Finante, Banci, Asigurari (RCFBII)    
    Gestiunea Afacerilor Financiar-Bancare Interne si Internationale (GAFBII)
    Gestiunea si Auditul Afacerilor (RCFBII)
    Informatica Economica (IM)
    Managementul si Marketingul Organizatiei (MM)
    Managementul Informatiilor (MM)        
    Marketing in Afaceri (MM)  
    Managementul Strategic al Firmei (MM)
    Politici si Practici Fiscale (RCFBII)        
    Relatii Economice Europene (SEE)  
    Sisteme Informatice Manageriale (IM)
    Stiinte Penale (DR *)        

    Facultate 2002 - 2014
    SEE (ex. SIEE)

    Specializare 2004 - 2015
    Administrarea Afacerilor in Turism
    Control Financiar-Fiscal
    Dreptul Afacerilor
    Economia Serviciilor in Turism
    Informatica Economica
    Integrare Economica Europeana
    Management Financiar-Bancar
    Managementul Afacerilor Comerciale

  • Documente necesare pentru eliberarea diplomelor

  • - Buletin/carte de identitate (valabil si in original) pentru cetatenii romani si pasaport (valabil si in original) pentru cetatenii straini; certificat de casatorie sau alt document care atesta schimbarea numelui, daca modificarea s-a produs ulterior absolvirii studiilor.
    - In cazul in care titularul nu se poate prezenta, actul de studii se poate elibera imputernicitului acestuia, pe baza unei procuri in acest scop, autentificata la notariat.
    - Chitanta (de la casieria universitatii, parter) reprezentand contravaloarea taxei de arhivare - (v. sectiunea Taxe).

  • Ce tipuri de acte de studii se pot ridica?

  • Actele de studii sunt documente oficiale de stat, care confera titularilor acestora drepturi si obligatii ce decurg din prevederile Legii educatiei nationale nr. 1/2011, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare, Hotararii nr. 44/ 03.02.2016 privind organizarea si functionarea Ministerului Educatiei Nationale si Cercetarii Stiintifice, publicata in Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei, Partea I nr. 99 din 09/02/2016, cu modificarile si completarile ulterioare, Ordinului ministrului educatiei nationale nr. 657/2014 pentru aprobarea Regulamentului privind regimul actelor de studii în sistemul de învatamant superior, publicat în Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei, Partea I, nr. 874 din 02.12.2014.

    Actele de studii eliberate de Universitatea Romano-Americana sunt:
    - Diploma de Licenta si Foaie matricola sau Supliment la diploma – (anexa la diploma)
    - Diploma de Master si Foaie matricola sau Supliment la diploma – (anexa la diploma)

  • Informatii despre Suplimentul la Diploma

  • In conformitate cu OMEC nr.4868 din 07.08.2006 privind Suplimentul la Diploma, absolventii care au sustinut examenul de finalizare a studiilor incepand cu sesiunea iulie 2006 primesc gratuit Suplimentul la Diploma, obligatoriu anexat Diplomei de Licenta.
    Documentul nou introdus este conceput dupa modelul european, fiind redactat bilingv (romana/engleza), cu un continut bogat in informatii. Printre altele, se face referire la: domeniul, specializarea, titlul acordat, statutul institutiei, limba de studiu, nivelul studiilor, cerintele programului de studii, descrierea programului, sistemul de notare si clasamentul absolventului in raport cu media minima si maxima de promovare a anilor de studii pentru promotia respectiva; accesul privind continuarea studiilor dupa promovarea examenului de finalizare. Ultima pagina contine informatii privind sistemul national de invatamant, o diagrama privind sistemul de invatamant din Romania, inclusiv o descriere a sistemului de invatamant superior.

  • Eliberarea actelor de studii

  • Actele de studii se elibereaza personal titularului, in original, o singura data.
    In cazul in care titularul actului de studii nu se poate prezenta personal in vederea eliberarii actului respectiv poate imputernici o alta persoana, printr-o procura autentificata de notar public din Romania sau de catre Serviciul Consular Roman al Ambasadei din tara in care se afla titularul. In cazul in care, ulterior absolvirii, a survenit o schimbare a numelui, titularul actului de studii va specifica in procura numele avut in timpul studiilor. La procura se ataseaza o copie a cartii de identitate a titularului, iar imputernicitul se va legitima cu actul de identitate prevazut in procura.

  • Intocmirea si eliberarea duplicatelor actelor de studii

  • In cazul pierderii, distrugerii complete, deteriorarii partiale sau plastifierii unui act de studii, se poate elibera un duplicat al acestuia, in urma depunerii urmatoarelor documente:
    - Cerere de intocmire a duplicatului adresata Rectorului Universitatii
    - Declaratie pe propria raspundere, autentificata la un notar public asupra imprejurarilor in care a fost pierdut, distrus complet sau deteriorat partial, in original
    - Certificat de nastere, copie legalizata
    - Carte de identitate, copie
    - Doua fotografii 3 x 4 cm, color, realizate recent, ale titularului actului. In fotografie, solicitantul va purta haine de culori deschise. Fotografiile sunt necesare pentru aplicarea acestora pe diploma duplicat
    - Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei, Partea a III-a, in original, in care a aparut anuntul pierderii actului de studii sau actul de studii in cauza, daca actul de studii este deteriorat partial.
    Pentru publicarea pierderii unui act de studii, titularul acestuia se adreseaza Regiei Autonome "Monitorul Oficial", anuntul urmand sa cuprinda urmatoarele date: denumirea actului de studii original; numele, initiala/initialele prenumelui/prenumelor tatalui (mamei), prenumele titularului; anul finalizarii studiilor in cauza; seria si numarul actului respectiv, numarul si data la care a fost inregistrat in registrul de evidenta a eliberarii actelor de studii; denumirea institutiei emitente. In cazul in care nu mai detineti nicio copie a actului pierdut, puteti solicita, personal sau prin corespondenta electronica, Biroului Acte de Studii datele necesare publicarii in Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei. Titularul duplicatului unui act de studii isi poate ridica duplicatul respectiv in termen de o luna de la aprobarea cererii. Eliberarea duplicatului se face personal sau prin imputernicit notarial, in conditiile specificate mai sus
    - Chitanta (de la casieria Universitatii) reprezentand contravaloarea duplicatului ce urmeaza a fi eliberat - (v. sectiunea Taxe).

    Duplicatul unui act de studii se elibereaza, de regula, o singura data.

  • Recomandari

  • Pastrati actele de studii originale in bune conditii si evitati depunerea acestora la dosarele de concurs. Nu plastifiati originalele actelor de studii, deoarece puteti avea dificultati in privinta autentificarii si apostilarii acestora.

  • Taxe

  • Taxele aferente eliberarii diverselor acte de studii se achita la casieria Universitatii, contravaloarea in lei, la cursul de schimb al BNR din ziua efectuarii platii.
    Taxele actuale sunt:
    - Eliberare diploma si supliment la diploma - GRATUIT (valabil 2 ani de la data promovarii examenului de finalizare a studiilor)
    - Arhivare acte de studii (pentru diplomele neridicate pe o perioada mai mare de 2 ani de la data promovarii examenului de finalizare a studiilor) - 40 euro
    - Eliberare Diploma de licenta/masterat in regim de urgenta - 60 euro
    - Eliberare Diploma de licenta/masterat (duplicat) - 50 euro
    - Eliberare foaie matricola/supliment la diploma (duplicat) - 50 euro
    Cuantumurile tuturor taxelor din cadrul Universitatii sunt disponibile in sectiunea Taxe a site-ului nostru.


    Universitatea Romano-Americana
    Biroul Acte de Studii
    Bd. Expozitiei nr. 1B, Bucuresti, sector 1, cod 012101
    Parter - Intrare Biblioteca
    Tel: +4-0372-120.195

    © Universitatea Romano-Americana / Romanian-American University - Toate drepturile rezervate.

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