Author information

General guidelines:

The editors invite submissions of papers that deal with important issues in IT&C domains, as well as interconnected fields.
All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not under submission at another journal.
A resubmission of a manuscript identical to a previously rejected one will be immediately rejected.
The language in which materials can be published is English.
Papers (min. 10 pages w/o references and bibliography - max 30 pages), accompanied by an abstract (max. 12 lines), and including endnotes, references and bibliography.
Paper submission should cover the following main elements:

Materials must be uploaded/submitted as Microsoft Word documents (docx file extension).
The text should be in the Times New Roman font type.
The author(s) has/have full responsibility for the ideas expressed in the material published.
The editor reserves the right to request modifications or corrections of the texts received, if such are deemed necessary.

Manuscript format:

  • Use single column Envelope B5 pages, i.e., 176 × 250 mm; Times New Roman, 11-point English font; single line (1.0) between each typed line of the manuscript and the following paragraph spacing - Before: 0 pt, After: 4 pt, line spacing: single. Use the following settings for the page margins: Top 1.5 cm, Bottom 1.5 cm, Left 1.75 cm, Right 1.8 cm, Gutter 0 cm, Header and Footer from edge 1.25 cm, Page Vertical alignment Top.

  • Begin the manuscript with:
    • The manuscript title, capitalized, aligned center (on ONE line, if it is longer than one line DO NOT manually insert a new line)
    • Leave one blank line (press ENTER twice after the title)
    • The FIRST NAME(s) of the author(s) AND the FAMILY NAME aligned right, with a mandatory footnote mentioning institutional affiliation and an email address (repeat on different lines for each author)
    • Leave one blank line (press ENTER twice after the title)
    • Write "Abstract:", in bold letters, then press ENTER to move to the next line
    • Insert the abstract, justify alignment, between 10 and 20 lines
    • Leave one blank line (press ENTER twice after the abstract)
    • Write "Keywords:", in bold letters, and insert your key words, between 4 and 8 (standard font, NOT bold), then press ENTER once
    • Write "JEL Classification:", in bold letters (you must be on the next line after the key words), and insert the JEL codes (see here) (standard font, NOT bold), then press ENTER 3 times

  • You must start your paper from the paper template available here

Papers' submission


Paper(s) submission

Upon acceptance of a paper, authors will be asked to complete, sign and submit a Statement of originality.


Attention! All submissions received up to MAY 1st of 2024, if accepted for publishing, get an early bird fee reduction of 100%!

The standard publishing fee is 250 RON for national payments (Romania) or 50 EUR for international payments, per accepted paper.

Fee might be paid by bank transfer using the following mandatory information:

  • Beneficiary: Romanian-American University

  • CIF/CUI: 9081408

  • IBAN: RO61 BRDE 410S V876 6331 4100 (in EUR)
  •     or
  • IBAN: RO21 BRDE 410S V876 6314 4100 (in RON)


  • Payment details: JISOM, payer name, paper title

Procedures for scientific acceptance

The paper must be original and it cannot be sent to another review for publishing from JISOM sending time until its evaluation status ending.

The paper will not contain the authors names and it is sent to three reviewers. If the reviewers decide that paper can be published then will be published in JISOM. Our reviewers will evaluate submitted papers against the following check points:

  • Relevance from JISOM
  • Originality
  • Significance; usefulness
  • Technical soundness
  • References to the related literature
  • Presentation
  • Linguistic quality

If the reviewers ask for revision of the paper then the authors should make the revision and paper will be published after the reviewers acceptance. If the modifications asked by the reviewers are important then the editorial board will decide and will send to the authors the carrying on or stopping of the work on the paper.

If the reviewers reject the paper then the notification will be send to its authors.

By submitting a paper to JISOM, the author(s) understands that the respective manuscripts has not already been published or sent for review to other journals.

After a paper is accepted the author(s) will be required to complete further documents (statement of originality, copyright assignment etc.).

For your information, the basic PAPER REVIEW FORM is available here.